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CCT 2019 in Houston, Texas
3 – 7 June 2019

The IEA Clean Coal Centre’s 9th International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies (CCT 2019) came to the USA for the first time on 3-7 June, co-hosted by the US Department of Energy. At the heart of key developments in energy and cleaner coal, the city of Houston, Texas, played host to this leading forum for innovation in the coal industry.

Presentations are now available to delegates here (please make sure you are logged in). Download the programme here.

CCT is a truly international event, typically welcoming over 250 delegates from around 30 countries, and representing industry, academia, and government. Delegates will obtain the latest insight into the new technologies which can meaningfully reduce the environmental impact of coal, as well as hearing expert perspectives on regional energy policy developments and the future outlook for the coal sector worldwide.

Global coal consumption grew in the past year, and coal is projected to remain the world’s largest source of electric power to 2040 and beyond. This ongoing dominance is strongly driven by the urgent need to improve access to affordable electricity in the developing world. However, there is an equally pressing need for this valuable energy and material resource to be exploited as cleanly and efficiently as possible.


Price for the full event, including breaks, lunches and conference dinner, was $965.

Speakers included:

US Department of Energy
China Energy
NTPC India
8 Rivers Capital
Southern Company
Shanghai Shenergy Power Technology
European Commission
Carbon Utilization Research Council
The Institute of Clean Air Companies

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems
Mitsubishi HI
Gas Technology Institute
IHI Corporation
International CCS Knowledge Centre
ION Engineering
NICE America
SolarClean Fuels
Tata Consultancy
Air Liquide
Government of India
And many more…

Co-hosted by US Department of Energy


Price for the full event, including breaks, lunches and conference dinner, was $965.

Site visits

The conference included site visits to two world-renowned facilities – NRG’s Petra Nova project and NET Power’s pioneering demonstration of the Allam cycle.

Petra Nova is the world’s largest carbon capture and storage project operating on a coal power plant and a major milestone for commercial-scale CCS technology. NET Power’s hotly anticipated large-scale test of an innovative supercritical CO2 power cycle achieved first fire in May this year, promising a potential next generation of high-efficiency power plants with integrated carbon capture.